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Events This Week
Monday 21 NO Entrance into the Catholic Church (resumes in Sept.) 7:00PM
Tuesday 22 Saint Anthony Novena after Mass 8:00AM
    Study of the Old Testament with Fr. Victor 7:00 PM
Wednesday 23 Mother of Perpetual Help Novena (after Mass) 8:30AM
    NO Choir Rehearsal (resumes in Sept.) 7:00PM
Thursday 24 Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 1-6:45PM
    Study of the Catechism of the Church with Fr. Victor 7:00PM
Friday 25 Bible Study (after Mass, rear hall) 9:00AM

Altar Servers
Saturday 26 5:30PM Gregory San Diego

Sunday 27


Sean & Matthew Pringle
  10:30AM Hunter Boulais & Daniel Korman
  5:30PM Dylan Hert & MJ Anderson

Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 20, 2017

Observe what is right, do what is just; for my salvation is about to come,
my justice, about to be revealed. — Isaiah 56:1

If you would like the bulletin in .pdf format Click here the Latin Mass times are also listed in the bulletin

Franciscan Seminary Collection--This Weekend
A special collection to support the seminary expenses for the young Friars of the Conventual Franciscans is taken up every year around this time. This year the Friars on the west coast have 3 students going to school in preparation for priesthood, one student going to school in preparation for the brotherhood, one student doing a pastoral year and 2 students who are spending a year in preparation for the novitiate and about thirty students in Vietnam (in the Mission) at various stages of prepa- ration. The collection will take place this weekend.

Friends of Francis Dinner and Auction
The Friends of Francis Dinner and Auction will take place at the San Luis Obispo Country Club on Sunday, September 10th. For those who have NOT received formal invitations and would like to have the invitation packet and reservation material, please call 489-1012, ext. 103. Invitation packets are also available in the rear of the church. There is a need for donors to cover the costs of the Friars as guests for this dinner. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Food Needed for Christian Women’s Pantry
The Five Cities Christian Women’s Food Pantry has served the poor through the facility in Grover Beach for more than 25 years. The women are in need of additional, non-perishable foodstuffs to meet the needs. They are receiving fewer dona- tions. Saint Paul Parish has food bins in the hutch at the main entrance of the church. If you would like to donate food, just bring it to church and put it in the bins in the hutch. Everything collected is taken to the facility during the week. NO CLOTHES!

Outside the Parish
1)  The Magnificat ministry to women will hold its monthly meeting on Saturday, August 26th from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The breakfast will take place at the Santa Maria Inn at a cost of $25 (reservations available through Dolly at 878- 0420 or Marie at 938-1254). Christine Watkins, a former anti-Christian atheist, will share her conversion story.

2)  The Empty Bowls Community Luncheon will be celebrated at Saint Patrick Parish Hall on Wednesday, September 13th from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 obtained through or by calling 710-4330. The event will benefit the 5 Cities Homeless Coalition.

3)  The Holy Rosary will be prayed on the 13th of each month through September at noon in the Saint Patrick Parish Ado- ration Chapel. This is in honor of Our Blessed Mother dur- ing the 100th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions in Fati- ma. For information, call Celine at 929-0115.

NO Coffee and Donuts
Coffee and donuts will not be available Sunday morning.

“Let all the nations praise you!” (Psalm 67:4) today’s psalm response exclaims. In the psalms and other Hebrew scriptures, this kind of invocation is actually an invitation to God to act, to intervene in human lives in a manner that will cause everyone— not just the Chosen People—to give praise. Stated a bit more strongly, it is something of a “put up or shut up” challenge to God, the sort of strong statement the psalmists of Israel, trusting in their intimate and loving relationship with God, were not afraid to make.
The Gospel has its own exclamation, announcing the appear- ance of the Canaanite woman with “Behold!” “Behold!” is a scriptural flag that tells us that God is about to act or announce something through an individual or a situation. Like the psalm- ists, we might passively inform or perhaps even actively chal- lenge God to do something so that everyone will come to belief, but God will always turn the tables on us. It becomes our calling, our duty to behold the situations and persons of our daily lives so that God can act through us.Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co., Inc.

Welcome, Portuguese Community
The Saint Anthony Celebration is occurring this weekend. For our many visitors, we offer a hearty welcome and wish you the best for the many events.

Parish Activity Start Dates
The start of the annual ministries of the parish will be delayed until the rear parking lot is repaved. Paving is scheduled for the first two weeks of September. PARKING WILL BE LIMITED DURING THIS TIME.

Continue to pray for those who are ill
Mary Louise Brady, Shawn Clarke, Michalle Hammond, Rosalea Garces, Anne Sterline, Patrick Johnson, Emma Coeh- lo, Vince Filippi, Hunter Ormonde, Jerry Williams, Samantha Kohler, Shannon Carpenter, Regina Clarke, Elsie Bough, Rey Cacabelos, Destry Ramey, Donnie Ornellas, David Woodruff, Joe Crescione, Paul Adame, Mark Gil Go, Carla Silva, Anna Ramsey, Phineus McKenna, Steve Skibinski, Florence and Lar- ry Kotlarek, Jan Shields, Cipriano and Lolita Galvez, Gladys Cotter, Nellie de Fiesta, Jack Schieble, Jim Maloney, Father Christopher Deitz, Brother Christopher Saindon, David and Richard Darin, Phyllis Tish, Linda Kumalac, Armida Robb, Kenneth Bagwell, Harriet Harrington, Lorraine Adler, Delia Cannon, Jannie Graham, Magdaleno Zambo, Audrey Corona, Sarah Micek, Cecilia and Randy Thiel, Debbie Riviera, Donna Escoffery, Eddie Chaiday, Annie Delgado, Mel Ormonde, Irma Silva, Ginger Smith, Dolores Menze, Carlito Untalan, Sue Regusci, Rosemarie Smith, Federico Garces, Jr., Fred Rodic, Joe Pizzo, George Mahoney, Jennifer Lee, Mary Streumpf, Dale & Betty Waite, Kirby Gordon, Pauline Azaret, Jennifer Salce Ojeda, Judy Hughes and Theresa Ramirez.

Monday: Jgs 2:11-19; Ps 106:34-37, 39-40, 43ab, 44; Mt 19:16-22
Tuesday: Jgs 6:11-24a; Ps 85:9, 11-14; Mt 19:23-30
Wednesday: Jgs 9:6-15; Ps 21:2-7; Mt 20:1-16
Thursday: Rv 21:9b-14; Ps 145:10-13, 17-18; Jn 1:45-51
Friday: Ru 1:1, 3-6,14b-16, 22; Ps 146:5-10; Mt 22:34-40
Saturday: Ru 2:1-3, 8-11; 4:13-17; Ps 128:1b-5; Mt 23:1-12
Sunday: Is 22:19-23; Ps 138:1-3, 6, 8;Rom 11:33-36; Mt 16:13-20

Once the way was cleared for additional Eucharistic Prayers, those who were appointed to compose them had to look deep within the tradition for sources. One of the prescriptions for new prayers was that they be “unencumbered by useless repetition.” From the start, therefore, the writers knew that the old Roman Canon, which had the priest bowing and crossing himself many times in a long, complex prayer, was not a model of simplicity.
Aside from the prayers treasured by Eastern Christians, there is an obvious model from ancient Rome. For about a hundred years now, the historical text “Apostolic Tradition” has shed some light for us on the shadowy shape of worship in the early church. In it, its author, Hippolytus, took care to record the actual texts of worship used at the time. He himself has a shad- ow side, since he was so ardently conservative in his tastes that he broke ties with the Bishop of Rome and became first in the line of history’s anti-popes. At the eleventh hour, however, he reconciled with his enemies and actually died a martyr. In fact, he was shipped off to the Sardinian mines as a slave with the true pope as his companion in chains. Because his tussle with the pope was over theological innovations and not liturgical texts, we are sure that his account of the style of Eucharistic Prayer in the third century is accurate. It forms the core of to- day’s Eucharistic Prayer II.—Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.

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