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Altar and Rosary Society


The Lady of All Nations Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of the Father,
send now Your Spirit
over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live in the
hearts of all Nations
that they may be preserved from
degeneration, disaster and war.
May the Lady of All Nations, the
Blessed Virgin Mary
be our Advocate!


Madonna and Child

In Memoriam
The Deceased Members of the St. Paul the Apostle Altar & Rosary Society

Anita Landry
Stella Rodic
Hilda Souza

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord,
and let Perpetual Light shine upon them.
May their souls and
the souls of Thy faithfully departed
through the Mercy of God
rest in peace.

Hostess Schedule 2017

February 21

*Cindy Iken
Peggy Jones
Ann Silva
Elsie Metzler
Diane Bagwell
Donna Snead

March 21

*Dia Hurd
Lindy Loomis
Brenda Lee
Pat Allison
Annette Roberts
Betty Burgin

April 18

*Rita Hanley
Judy Hughes
Sue Pino
Gabbie Novo
Christine Spane
Judith Wedin

May 16

*Cynthia Toscas
Frances Loflin
Eileen Wagner
Carolyn Carotenuti
Marlys Donnelly

June. . . No Meeting

July. . .No Meeting


August. . .No Meeting

September 19

*Regina Narvaez
Nona Henn
Lynda Fullerton
Mila Zambo
Rebecca Untalan
Dana Van Der Beke

October 17

*Joy Gifford
Vivian Phillips
JoAnn Farmer
Ginger Haney
Madeline Moscatelli
Bro. Raphael

November 14

Election of 2016 Officers

*Harriet Harrington
Elsie Metzler
Dana Van Dee Beke
Bernice Gamble
Cathy McAlister
Dorothy Avila


Christmas Luncheon
at the Madonna Inn


January 16, 2018

Installation of Officers

*Rose Howell
Lolita Galvez
Epi Banez
Marlys Donnelly
Grace Racho
Georgie John


Special Events:
April 8 & 9
Palm Sunday Bake Sale
September 11
Host: 5 Cities Christian Women
November 18 & 19
Thanksgiving Bake Sale
Hostesses' Duties: for each meeting . .
1. Check supplies early . . . contact officers if supplies are needed.
2. Make coffee.
3. Set up officers' table with podium, microphone, American flag.
4. Set up Mary's shrine.
5. Set up badges.
6. Set up raffle tickets, Mass box, penny basket.
Furnish breakfast or lunch for members attending.

***NOTE: If you are unable to be a hostess for the month assigned, please arrange for a substitute or make an exchange with some other member on the list . . . then notify your coordinator.

President Harriet Harrington
Vice President Elsie Metzler
Secretary Dana Van Der Beke
Treasurer Bernice Gamble
Committee Chairmen:
Bake Sale Cindy Iken
Christmas Luncheon & Raffle
Vivian Phillips

Spring Sale

Cathy McAlister

Nomination Joy Gifford
JoAnn Farmer
Georgie John
Membership Cindy Iken
Communication Mary Hansen
Activity Appointments:
Retreat Donna Marie Snead
Sunshine Elsie Metzler
Living Rosary Linda Springer
Buyer of Paper Products for Luncheon Lindy Loomis
Directory Setup and Printing Diane Bagwell